Energy without a footprint

iON-ENERGY has succeeded in converting energy in The Earths atmosphere into electricity. Atmospheric energy is an endless source of energy, available 24/7 and independent from location, weather and temperature.

The logic next step

Harvesting the energy in The Earths atmosphere is now possible in a very elegant and scalable way. Finally we can make a huge impact in the energy transition with the Energy box, which will provide energy to your home.

Electricity for everone, everywhere, anytime

iON-ENERGY has created a fully patented device capable of harvesting The Earths energy 24/7. The prototype is now being developed into a commercial product, the Energy box, a device that will deliver electricity to your home.


iON-ENERGY will be participating in clean tech events: ReCharge Earth, Rotterdam, TBS Brussels and TBB 2023 Amsterdam.

iON-ENERGY has been granted the European patent no. 3634091, USA patent US 2021/0399652 A1,the Japanese patent no. nr.2021-543555 and Korean patent, appl. number 10-2021-7012285 and has patent applications pending throughout the world. Product development is aimed at one of many possible applications, namely The Energy Box, providing cheap electricity for home use.

This will make a tremendous impact on the energy transition roadmap, as each household will now be able to produce electricity for home use 24/7, for a purchase price lesser or equal to solar panels, but a far better LCOE (< 0.02 EUR /Kwh).