iON-ENERGY was founded to make clean and affordable electricity accessible to individuals and businesses through its patented technology. This can be done by selling the product the E-Box, as well as by renting it out through partners in the energy industry. In addition, other electricity needs can also be met through product development. Think of self-charging power banks or generators. We deliver added value through the lowest Levelized costs of Electricity (LCOE) at < 0.02 euros per kWh, and the cleanest energy source. In addition, we contribute to solving grid congestion by supplying a constant amount of electricity 24/7, 365. We are constantly innovating.

Our technology is primarily of interest to urban households that, for a variety of reasons, do not have the opportunity to use solar panels. In addition, tenants are also a target group and households that are dependent on heat pumps in winter. Especially if the netting rule is abolished, this will become even more urgent.
Our customers see us as the bringers of light in the dark: literally and as a matter of speech. We come to the rescue and take them on a mission that is at the same time a race against time to make and keep spaceship Earth habitable again. By being our customer, they are part of our crew.

The iON-ENERGY technology makes it possible to generate the cheapest and cleanest electricity where you need it, 24/7, 365. The technology is scalable, both in applications and in production and distribution. There is no need to add fuels, sunlight, wind power, hydropower or nuclear fuel. This is what distinguishes iON-ENERGY from all other energy sources. These are either polluting, unpredictable, too expensive, or require long-distance transport, or are expected to be a combination of these factors.

Our mission is to provide clean and cheap electricity where you need it, when you need it, 24/7/365. Thanks to this unique and patented technology, we are not only able to accelerate the energy transition, but also to improve it far-reaching. In addition to the energy transition, we also aim for a socio-economic transition, which makes it possible to combat social injustice. Cheap, clean electricity makes it possible to combat environmental pollution by plastics, toxins and lack of circularity.